UX Designer - Problem Solver

UX Designer - Problem Solver

UX Designer's role in a company is more like a problem solver. He/She has to solve problems that users face while using their product. He/She is the advocate for users in the company. So UX Designer has to first attend problem before going after solutions. UX Designer should get answers for certain questions before its too late.

  • What is the problem user facing?
  • Why this problem exist?

After getting answers to these questions UX Designer should work on modeling solution. Modals for solution need not be wireframes, it can be just rough sketches or documents.  He/She should be aware about the metrics which define success of solution. Also UX Designer should see if there is any dependency on other products for the success of solution.

After modeling solution, UX Designer's responsibility is to test the usability of product. With the proper feedback and data, UX Designer has to constantly optimize the solution