UX Designer ensure Accessibility

UX Designer ensure Accessibility

UX Designer ensures accessibility of product to huge crowd including disabled users. Accessibility enables people with disabilities to use product.

Good practices to ensure Accessibility

1. Keyboard Compatibility

Any interaction in digital product has to be compatible with keyboard. With keyboard Tab key, user should be able to follow exact order of user flow. Page scroll and navigation has to work with keyboard.

2. Proper Feedback

Whenever there is change in content or page, user has to get notified with high contrast color change and proper headings. Usage of Breadcrumb is best practice to ensure visibility of user's current state and position in website. Any text based response has to be in the proximity of action field. 

3. Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a must functionality for disabled users. For every command there has to be a proper voice response. Alarming sounds, videos with autoplay feature should not be considered in the design.

4. User Research

Conduct interviews, focus groups with disabled users and get their feedback on product usability. With the help of Content Strategist and Information Architect decide on proper labels and terms to put in product.