Information Visualization Guidelines

Information Visualization Guidelines

Edward Tufte is world's leading authority on Information design and data visualization. New York Times called him; "The Leonardo da Vinci of Data"

According to his works, we can find four guidelines for Information Visualization.

1. Visual Excellence

  • Complex ideas should be communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency.
  • Viewer should be given greatest number of ideas in shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space.

2. Visual Integrity

  • Data should be directly proportional to numerical quantities represented.
  • Clear, Detailed labeling should be used to defeat graphical distortion.
  • Reduce lie-factor

         Lie-factor = Size of effect shown in visualization/Size of effect in Data

3. Data-Ink Ratio

  • Maximise Data-Ink Ratio

         Data-Ink Ratio = Data Ink/Total ink used

  • The closer the ratio is to 1, the less distracting your representation is likely to be and thus more useful for viewer.

4. Visual Elegance

  • Complex Data should be represented clearly in simple design. Instead of cutting down data to avoid clutter, more focus should be given on simplifying Design.